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ISBN 978-0-9563633-0-5

48 True Short Stories

Working vets share their own stories, giving you an insight into what it's really like to be a vet, with each story based on real life consultations and farm visits.

This collection of true short stories written by several veterinary authors working in the UK and overseas, brings together the contrasting emotions and moral issues associated with veterinary life.

Happy or sad, funny or distressed there is a theme that will appeal to everyone — whether it's about people, cute furry animals, colourful farming characters, or a wild hippo — there are many interesting tales to be heard.

If you are looking for true short stories from real people, this book is both set to entertain and intrigue you

Eve Gurston is a Vet Surgeon and is a pen name.

About the Author

Veterinary Reflections is the result of Eve Gurston's own idea when one day in her third year of veterinary practice she decided she wanted to share her experiences with people around her.

She knew that she was not alone in her thinking and that many a working vet shared her thoughts and experiences.

Eve laid out an opportunity for all practising vets to share their experiences and accompanying emotions and bring them all together to complement her own in compiling this book.

She put together the tales she gathered from across the UK to best reflect working veterinary life simply as it is. This book is not just about animals, it is the story of people and journeys through their careers.

This book contains a variety of emotions from happiness to feeling sad, sense of achievement to frustration, from anger and fear through to humour and fun with many stories having a moral or a learned lesson following at the end of the story. A must read.

Contributors include Leonard Black, Mhairi Cameron, Nicola Gladden, George Grieve, Andrew Knight, Helen Woodvine and anonymous contributors.



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